Covering Your Patio To Extend Outdoor Living Time

7 February 2019
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Do you have a patio that you'd love to be able to use more often than you do? Does the sun and the rain keep you from entertaining on your patio? If so, it's time to start thinking about having a patio cover installed. Here, you'll find a bit of information that can help kick-start your patio cover project.

Free-Standing or Attached

Is your patio butted right up against your home, or does it sit freely in the middle of your yard? If it's attached to the home, you have the option of the rolling patio covers. These patio covers attach directly to the side of the home and are rolled open and closed as needed.

If the patio is free-standing in the yard, you will have few options other than building a structure to cover it. Yes, there are sail canopies that can be strung up to the surrounding trees and buildings, but they offer very little protection when it rains.

The other option for free-standing patios is to pick up one of the gazebos that you put together and cover with a nylon or canvas cover. Unless you invest in a high-quality gazebo, you will have to replace the cover every few years and make sure to treat and seal the frame.

Side Covers

If you live in an area where bugs are bad, another thing to consider adding to the design is screen side panels for the cover that you do choose. Even the rolling patio covers come with the option to add screens to it.

If you want to use the patio even when the temperatures begin to drop, you probably want to consider the side panels that offer protection from wind and rain as well. These can be found in clear, plastic panels, or they can be made of canvas or nylon – with or without windows.

Air Circulation

To keep cool on those hot summer days, consider adding a ceiling fan to the design. There are outdoor ceiling fans that will fit and finish permanent patio covers beautifully. Unfortunately, rolling patio covers do not have any option for installing a ceiling fan. You can find a number of outdoor fans that can be used, but none that can be permanently mounted to the cover.

Talk with a patio cover professional to learn more about what it will take to get your patio covered so that you can continue to use it during the ugly weather that would typically keep you indoors.