4 Ways Prefabricated Metal Buildings Are Used Beyond Creating Garages

3 December 2021
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For the average person looking to expand the functional space on their property, few things are as convenient as prefabricated metal buildings. These buildings are measured and created off-site, and then transported to the property for construction. The process is quick, and the end result is a durable, economical, and efficient structure the property owner can use for the years to come. However, prefabricated metal buildings are far more valuable and useful than to use as a garage on a residential property. Take a look at a few of the other ways these structures are commonly used. 

1. Agriculture

In agricultural settings, structures are important for a litany of different objectives, such as: 

  • Storing hay and feed
  • Housing and sheltering animals from the elements 
  • Curing or storing crops 
  • Storing tools, equipment, and machinery 

While the standard wood-framed barn or building fulfills these purposes, prefabricated metal buildings can do the same. Even more importantly, the buildings themselves can be easier to maintain, are resistant to fire, and can be planned and erected on a farm property relatively quickly. On a farm where the demands for structures and storage are consistently evolving, buildings made of metal offer an accessible solution. 

2. Commercial Businesses 

From small grocery stores to large-scale warehouses and factories, many of these businesses are opting for a building created out of metal. Metal-framed structures are flexible because they can meet the needs of a small operation just as they can do the same for a large facility. Plus, most are easily adjustable if a business needs to expand at a later date. 

3. Community Structures 

Schools, places of worship, local governmental offices, food pantries, community meeting halls—all of these are examples of how metal buildings have been used over the last several years. The fact that these structures can be erected so quickly and offer long-term economic value because they are easy to maintain makes them desirable when a local entity does not have a great deal of direct funding to spend. 

4. Residential Housing 

Prefabricated buildings have grown to be so economical and so functional that they can even be used to create some pretty impressive homes. From barndominiums and tiny houses to large, two-story houses, metal can be configured to meet the demands of everyday life. Even more impressive, the houses can be constructed in a fraction of the time as a standard house and may even be more affordable when everything is done. For more information, contact a metal building contractor