3 Budget-friendly Home Remodeling Tips

12 September 2017
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Are you dissatisfied with the house that you currently own? Have you been thinking about selling it in order to purchase a home that you really like? Depending on why you dislike your current home and how long you've been living there, a better option might be to simply update and remodel. Purchasing a new home will also almost certainly require you to do some renovation work, in addition to the hassle of getting a new mortgage and moving to a new location. So long as location isn't the reason why you're considering moving, here are some easy and relatively inexpensive suggestions to get you started:

Replace bathroom fixtures: One easy start to home remodeling that can have a dramatic impact is to replace dated sinks and toilets with brand new models. A newer sink or toilet may only cost a few hundred dollars after installation but can completely change the look of a bathroom. Changing to more modern bathroom fixtures can also help inspire you to see what the room could be with just a little more effort, which is something that can be difficult with the old fixtures still in place.

Refinish kitchen cabinets:  If your kitchen has quality cabinets made out of solid wood, rather than wood veneer, refinishing them can be a relatively easy and inexpensive way to start your kitchen overhaul. Depending on the type of wood used, you can sand down the current finish and either use a different color stain or else paint the cabinets with ordinary paint. Even if you later decide to purchase completely new cabinets as part of your whole home remodeling project, the cost of a few gallons of paint for your kitchen cabinets is unlikely to cause any serious regrets.

Refinish your flooring: Wooden flooring can be both beautiful and durable, but poor care or just simple age can make a floor look dull and worn out. Hardwood flooring, in particular, could potentially last for generations as long as there is no insect damage. Instead of purchasing new flooring as part of your home remodeling, hire a professional to refinish the floor for you. They will sand off the surface of the flooring, removing scratches and other damage. The flooring will then be re-stained and a polyurethane finish will be added to protect the surface. For a fraction of the cost of entirely new wood floors, you can have floors that look like they were just purchased.

If you have the desire and budget for larger-scale home remodeling projects, contact a professional company like Alleva Construction, Inc to complete the work for you.