How To Design A Pool And Patio Area In Your Backyard

20 September 2017
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Are you moving into a new home? Perhaps you are simply making big changes in your current home. Either way, if you are planning to design a pool and patio area in your backyard, from making your own design to getting help from a general contractor, here are some ideas that might assist you in creating something you can enjoy with your family and your friends:

Planning The  Pool And Patio Design - Start with some research. Keep an accordion file where you can store ideas. For example, one section could be labeled Patio Furniture while another might be labeled Swimming Pool Designs:

  • Spend some time browsing through home and garden magazines so that you can get ideas from them. 
  • Also, visit your local library so that you can browse through books that feature famous houses like governor's mansions which might have beautiful patios.
  • As you visit friends who have lovely patio and pool areas, get ideas that might help you to create a similar but unique design.
  • Study nature, too. For example, driving in the desert might inspire you to include a rock garden in your pool area.

Working With A Contractor - After you have compiled all of the ideas you gathered from doing your own research, make a plan on paper that you can take to the general contractor you have chosen to fine-tune your design. Choose a general contractor that is experienced in patio and pool designs.

  • A general contractor will have the experience and the training to study your ideas and to make them work for you.
  • For example, you may have drawn a hot tub close to your pool while the contractor might suggest that you make the hot tub an actual part of the pool.
  • The contractor will also know which shape design would be best in your yard area. You might have chosen a rectangular design while kidney-shaped pool would utilize space more efficiently.
  • The general contractor will more than likely have a portfolio that contains his or her work. Think about getting ideas from the pictures that are included in the portfolio, and ask the contractor to make them unique to your home.

It's important to be very specific about what you want. Put things in writing so that later on there won't be disappointments or conflicts. If there is a specific date that you want the work completed, be sure that your contractor has that information.

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