4 Important Facts About Fiber Cement Siding

25 September 2017
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Updating your home with routine cleaning and regular updates can be overwhelming at times. From mowing the lawn and shampooing carpet to repairing leaks in your roof, these are usually considered priorities to keep your home and appealing.

Unfortunately, as a homeowner, you must also focus on your home's exterior siding, especially considering it is a key part of your home's curb appeal and value. You may find selecting one type of siding challenging because of the various options. However, learning the benefits of fiber cement can make your decision easier. Using this guide, you will learn a few facts that make fiber cement siding such a fantastic option for your home.

Natural Wood Look

Manufactured using a mixture of pulp fiber and cement, fiber cement offers a natural look that resembles wood. From a distance, the siding will appear to look similar to traditional vinyl.

While it may look like wood up close and vinyl from distance, fiber cement offers an attractive look and durability that does not compare to wood or vinyl.

Durable and Affordable

The pulp fiber and cement combination that makes the siding creates a protective shell for your home. This shell is incredibly durable. With proper installation and maintenance, fiber cement manufacturers will guarantee their product for up an astonishing 50 years.

With fiber cement, there is no worry of rot or decay, which is a problem with wood shake siding; fiber cement is resistant to termite and other pests, which can eat through wood and even parts of your vinyl. The sun and heat will not fade or discolor your fiber cement, although the paint may lighten over time. Fiber cement is also resistant to heavy wind, storms, and fire.

Because fiber cement is so durable, you may think you will not be able to afford this option. Fortunately, installing fiber cement is actually very affordable for most homeowners.


There are many ways to install fiber cement siding on your home. You can create a modern look with vertical siding pieces or opt for the more traditional look by installing the siding horizontally across your home. Many homeowners also choose to add a unique texture to their homes with sections of siding that are installed in diagonal patterns. The different ways you can install the siding allow you to choose a look suited to the basic architectural style of your house.

The method of installation is not the only way you can customize your fiber cement siding. The siding can be painted or stained in a variety of colors and wood tones.

From the overall design options for installation to its color options, you can add siding to your home in a way that complements both your personality.

Easy to Maintain

You are most likely busy maintaining your home, so the ease of maintenance offered by fiber cement ensures your new siding will be a worthwhile investment.

In most cases, pressure washing the exterior once a year or every few months will be sufficient for removing light dirt and dust. Even though it is durable and resistant to fading, painting the siding every 15 years ensures it remains appealing.

When choosing a paint, make sure it is designed for outdoor use. Applying two coats is also recommended since this will add an additional layer of protection between the environment and your fiber cement.

Fiber cement siding is becoming a common option used in homes today, but most people are not familiar with this durable, affordable, versatile, and virtually maintenance-free option. Check out a site like http://www.skerlec.com to find out more about your home siding options.