Plumbing Problems and Questions

6 July 2018
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Being informed about the plumbing system that is installed in your home is important for ensuring you are able to handle the types of problems that can be encountered. Unfortunately, there are many issues and questions that homeowners will find that they are needing to have answered.

What Could Cause Your Water to Taste Unusual?

Water that has developed an unusual taste can be a disruptive problem to encounter as it may force you to have to buy bottled water. In addition to making life in your home more inconvenient, this issue could also pose a health risk as unusual tasting water could be a sign of contamination. If you are to isolate the potential cause of the foul taste, you will need to have a comprehensive water quality test performed. The results of this test will allow you to determine whether the change in taste is due to external factors or an issue that is originating from your home.

How Can You Tell if Your Home's Plumbing Has Developed a Leak?

A leak can cause considerable damage to your home before you notice that it is occurring. By being aware of the warning signs of a major plumbing leak, you will be better able to act quickly to address this serious problem. Some companies, like Vanhook Plumbing Heating & Cooling, know that a sudden spike in your home's water bill could be one of the first indications that this problem is occurring. Even a small leak will be able to release enough water to cause a noticeable increase in your utility costs. In addition to an increase in your water bill, you may also find that water spots will form on the wall, ceiling, or floor near the leak. Whenever these issues are noticed, it can be worthwhile to have a comprehensive leak inspection performed to determine whether repairs are necessary.

What Steps Should Be Taken to Prevent Pipes From Freezing?

For those that live in areas that can experience extremely cold winter temperatures, frozen pipes can be a major concern. This issue can cause considerable damage to the home. Preventing the pipes from freezing is not as difficult as many homeowners expect. A key step that can reduce the ability of your pipes to freeze will be to add insulation to the pipes. Furthermore, leaving the faucet running when the weather is extremely cold be an effective protection as running water will freeze at a much lower temperature than water that is standing still.