Is Your Leach Field Affecting Nearby Water Sources?

18 March 2020
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Lakes, ponds, and even small streams are very important to the environment. However, some man-made structures can affect the health of natural water sources over time, including leach fields. Learn how leach fields affect natural water sources and how you can keep your leach field from doing so.

How Can Your Leach Field Affect Natural Water?

Whether you installed a pond on your property or live close to one, you want to keep the body of water as clean and healthy as you can. You can keep nearby water sources healthy by properly maintaining your septic system, particularly your drain field. If your drain field clogs up with waste, it can release contaminated water into the environment. Some of the wastewater can run off or travel to nearby ponds, rivers, and streams.

The wastewater from your leach field contains many strains of bacteria and other organisms. Although many of these germs help keep your drain field healthy, some organisms can be dangerous for natural water. The organisms can allow various types of algae to overgrow in a lake or pond, or the germs can make the water unsafe to consume or use. The water may even develop an odor over time.

If you notice changes in the water near your home, contact a general contractor right away.

How Do You Keep Your Leach Field Healthy?

A contractor can inspect the overall condition of your leach field for you. If your leach field contains excessive waste or leaks, a septic system contractor can remove or dry out the area. A contractor may be able to rehabilitate your leach field to ensure that it processes waste properly again. If your leach field can't be rehabilitated or treated successfully, you'll need to replace it. 

In addition to taking care of your leach field, a general contractor may need to work on your septic tank. If your septic tank hasn't been cleaned over the years, it can clog up with debris. Not only can debris compromise your leach field, but it also disrupts the plumbing pipes and fixtures inside the house. Solid waste and liquid may spill into your drains, toilets, and laundry appliances. If you have a crawl space or basement in your home, waste may seep into these places as well. Pumping out your septic tank can help ward off these issues.

If you notice problems in the natural water sources around your property, contact a company like LP Murray for help with your septic system today.