Hire One Person To Handle Minor Repairs And Basic Upgrades

30 October 2020
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Frozen pipes, loose siding, and a littered walkway are all minor nuisances that you may have previously incurred on your commercial property. With these types of issues, you may have felt inclined to tackle the issues yourself or hire a licensed individual who had expertise in a particular field. An alternative to these decisions is to rely upon a commercial handyman for all of the mishaps that occur within your workplace.

Seek A Well-Rounded Person

A general contractor who provides handyman services will likely be able to handle tasks both inside and outside of your business. Some contractors furnish their own materials and will charge an hourly rate for jobs that are being performed, but you may also be able to acquire an employee who is willing to work for a specified salary. If a salary is sought, the individual will be readily available to handle minor repairs and upgrades and you won't be burdened with unexpected expenses that you did not initially take into consideration.

Outline your expectations, including how much time the individual will need to be on-site and any methods of communication that you want to implement during the hours that the handyman is not present or on occasions when your business is not open.

If you want to keep your new employee busy, but won't always have repair work that needs to be addressed, come up with a list of basic upgrades that you would like performed on the premises. Some loading and hauling of unwanted furnishings or waste materials or the upkeep of the grounds are some standard projects that an individual may be willing to complete in addition to the series of tasks that require a problem to be identified and a repair to be executed.

Stay On Top Of Issues And Your Priorities

When you used to rely upon yourself or a hired technician or repair person to remedy issues at your business, you may have dealt with setbacks within your business that required you to work longer hours to compensate for the amount of time or money that was spent because of a repair.

Once you have a handyman to rely upon, they can keep on top of materials that need to be replaced and you can have more time to dedicate to your business. One of the first assignments that you can give to your newly hired help is to complete a walkthrough of your business and property and to document any issues that will require attention.

For more information, reach out to a commercial handyman in your area.