Bathroom Remodeling On A Budget? What You Can Do

28 November 2020
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If your bathroom needs to be remodeled, but you have a small budget, you may be wondering how you can give your bathroom a makeover without spending too much. Even with a small budget, you can remodel your bathroom and give it a new look. Read on for tips to remodel your bathroom on a budget.

1. Paint

Paint is a cheap way to update your bathroom. You can just give your bathroom a fresh coating of paint to give it a new look. Painting is something that you can do yourself and it is a quick and easy way to redecorate. Paint over an outdated colored bathroom and for a fresh new look. You can even paint your light fixtures, your tile and your floor as well. Paint your cabinets to give it an updated look. You can paint over wood cabinets and paint them a different color for a more modern look. 

2. Change Bathroom Fixtures

Change your bathroom fixtures to update your bathroom. If you have old brass fixtures, or your fixtures are broken, or covered in calcium buildup, you should replace them with new fixtures. Replacing your fixtures, especially your sink faucet, it can give your bathroom an immediate updated look.

3. Change Your Flooring

Removing your old flooring and adding in new flooring can give a new look to your bathroom and give your bathroom a clean and fresh look. If you have older vinyl tile in your bathroom, remove it and put in geometric tile, patterned tile, or install vinyl wood plank flooring. Changing your flooring can be expensive depending on the size of the bathroom, and depending on the type of flooring you want. There are cheaper options that can be installed in your bathroom and that can still give your bathroom an updated look.

4. Replace Your Countertop

The countertop on your bathroom vanity may just need an update. If the cabinet itself is in good shape, you can remove the countertop and replace it with a new one. Replace it with one that has the bowl sitting on the top for a more modern look, or one that has the bowl recessed. Replace the faucet as well.

If you have a small budget, but your bathroom needs to be remodeled, you can give your bathroom an updated look without costing you too much money. Use the tips above to remodel your bathroom, or hire a bathroom remodeling company to remodel your bathroom for you