Insight for Installing Your Yard's Landscaping and Improving Its Appearance And Quality

23 March 2021
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Building in your new yard's landscaping can be a big job, but as long as you plan out your improvements with the right process and arrangements for delivery of the materials, things can progress smoothly. Here are some recommendations to install your yard's landscaping materials with the right structure so you can have a great looking property.

Plan Your Paving

One of the first things you should plan to complete in your yard's new landscaping is to add in any paving and other hardscaped surfaces. It is a good idea to install the paving areas first because if you plant any vegetation beforehand it can be at risk of damage from tire wheels and other traffic during pavement and gravel rock installation.

Look at areas where you want to add in a pathway, concrete, or paver patio, or a gravel-filled driveway area. And if you want to install concrete curbing for your landscape barrier between lawn and bedding soil, be sure to plan and install these early on. This enables you to arrange for the delivery trucks to deposit any gravel or rock right into your yard and allows for complete access for installing concrete forms and pouring concrete directly from the concrete truck.

Improve Your Bedding Soil

Look at the condition of the soil around your yard to evaluate it for its nutrient content. Just by digging in your yard's soil you will be able to tell if it is fertile soil or if it is rocky and contains a large amount of clay material. Clay is not productive for your landscaping's ability to thrive and can prevent good moisture drainage and will actually smother your plants from receiving the oxygen and nutrients their roots need for growth. Take a handful of worked soil and compress it into your fist. If the soil crumbles apart when you let it go, it is workable soil. However, if the soil compresses together and stays there it can indicate it contains a lot of clay and should be supplemented with other nutrients. 

Many times a construction company will scrape off the fertile topsoil before they build a home. Then, when the home is finished and built, all the remains are rocky and clay-filled materials. So, it is up to you to supplement your yard soil by adding back to it what it needs for excellent growing conditions. Order some organic mulch or compost for your soil, or a load of screened topsoil from a local landscape supply company to add rich ingredients back to your yard. Ask your landscape supplier about spreading and tilling it into your soil. You can also order steer manure or chicken manure from a local supplier, just be sure you work it thoroughly into your soil to avoid burning your new plants from the manure's high nitrogen content.