Are Routine Air Conditioning Service Visits Helpful For Safety?

30 June 2021
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Air conditioning work often involves performing preventive maintenance steps. Nothing may appear wrong with the unit, but a routine inspection might reveal problems a homeowner never noticed. Allowing the unit to operate from one year to the next without any cleanings or examinations may lead to troubles. Besides the added inefficiency costs, undiagnosed problems could reflect dangerous hazards.

Cleaning and Filter Changes

The essential steps for air conditioning maintenance include annual cleanings and filter changes. A dirty filter might contribute to several problems, including fire hazards. Accumulated dust might ignite under certain conditions, which is one important reason to clear it out.

Thorough and Professional Cleaning Services

Do-it-yourself videos tell many tales about how to perform maintenance in the home. While entertaining and worthwhile viewing, homeowners should realize that watching a video does not equate with the experience to perform the appropriate work. Not cleaning out dirt and dust means potentially hazardous debris remains in the unit. Persons lacking the necessary tools and know-how to clean an air conditioner might only vacuum or wipe away what's in front of them. A professional's thorough job might not end with such oversights and leftover dust.

Examining the Unit

Other hazards might be present with the air conditioner, and an HVAC pro's inspection may uncover these problems. Perhaps the unit suffers from electrical wiring issues, a hazard that may lead to sparks and flames. If the HVAC pro discovers the situation, they would likely bring it to the homeowner's attention. A novice attempt to "self-service" the cleaning process may never realize electrical dangers exist. 

Asking About Hazards

A homeowner may find it helpful to ask the air conditioner service pro to look for any potential safety issues. Sometimes, it might not hurt to ask about potential or common fire hazards or other problems even when the unit does not show any signs of trouble. Things may work fine today, but issues could arise in six months. Why not ask an air conditioning specialist to point out possible problems and their typical signs? This way, you can keep an eye out for dangers if they arise.

Setting a Recommended Schedule

An air conditioning service might recommend annual or semi-annual inspections. After the initial cleaning and examination, the technician could recommend more routine cleanings, such as after a week of heavy use. Ultimately, being proactive and staying on top of cleanings, inspections, and maintenance may increase A/C safety.