Three Reasons For Not Keeping The Stump

31 August 2021
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So, you have had the problematic tree removed from your property, but the stump is still in place. You may not think this is a problem, and you might even think it adds a bit of character to your yard. Or, you may have even thought about putting it to good use by using it as a stand for a flower pot. Maybe you are even thinking about bringing out a couple of your outside chairs and setting them next to the stump, using it as an outside side table. It's a bad idea to do any of these things because the truth is that the stump should really go. You can learn about three of the reasons that stump should be removed here: 

1: The stump can lead to root problems

Don't make the common mistake of thinking that once the tree has been removed, the stump just becomes a piece of wood that sits there. The stump still has roots and those roots can have some spurts of growth, especially if it is exposed to water from a nearby source. For significant growth to happen, the stump would need to grow back some sprouts with leaves because they are what nourishes the roots. This is something that can happen and the tree can even regrow. If the roots were already within close proximity to pipes, then leaving the stump in place can put them at risk. Also, nearby sidewalks, foundations, or other concrete areas can be at risk. 

2: The stump can become attractive to a variety of pests

Another thing you need to realize about stumps is they can be attractive to different pests you won't want to have in your yard and close to your home. Some of the pests you should be the most concerned with include carpenter ants, termites, and other pests that are wood-boring ones. They may come for the stump, but they may stay for the house, and this would be very bad. 

3: The stump can end up growing bad things

The stump that is left in your yard can end up growing fungi that are dangerous. Pets and small children's health can be at risk from the type of fungi that can end up growing on the stump. The stump can also become diseased, or it may already be diseased and that is why the tree was removed. The disease can end up spreading and causing major problems for you.

Contact a local tree service to ask about stump removal options.