Roof Repairs Your Asphalt Shingle Roof Might Need After A Strong Storm With Hail

26 October 2022
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A bad storm that has hailstones in it can cause damage to all types of roofing. That's why it's a good idea to have your roof inspected once the storm has moved on. A roofer can check your asphalt shingles for signs of hail damage and recommend the best way to go about repairs. Here are some damages the roofer may find and how roof repairs might be done.

Dented Shingles May Be Replaced

If the storm had a lot of large hail and many shingles were damaged, the roofer might recommend replacing the entire roof. However, a hailstorm often has stones of many sizes. Asphalt shingles can usually tolerate small hail, so many of the shingles may not have any damage after a hailstorm.

If there were some random big chunks of ice in with the small hail, there could be scattered dented shingles on the roof. Your roofer may decide to replace these shingles rather than repair them. When the shingles are removed, the roofer can check the deck to make sure it wasn't cracked or damaged by the impact.

If the deck has damage, it might need to have new plywood patched in so the damaged area won't pose a leak threat in the future.

Shingles Damaged By Wind May Need Repairs

A hailstorm is often accompanied by strong wind and driving rain. The strong wind might have caused damage to the shingles in the form of lifted and missing shingles. Missing asphalt shingles should be replaced as soon as you can. Shingles that have come loose may be crooked or flapping in the wind. These need to be nailed back down and secured with adhesive so they stay flat on the roof.

Metal And Rubber Flashing Should Be Checked

Since flashing is made of metal, it may not be damaged by even large hailstones. However, the impact might dent the flashing or cause a corner to pop up. Rubber flashing or the rubber boot that's around a pipe might be cracked or damaged by the hail. Damaged rubber boots or flashing should be replaced.

The roofer decides if the metal flashing needs to be replaced if it has damage or if it can be repaired. If an end popped up, it can probably be secured with adhesive or nails.

You can't count on a hail-damaged asphalt roof to start leaking right away. The leak is often delayed until the dented or damaged area wears down enough to cause a leak. That's why it's a good idea to let a roof repair contractor such as Atlas Contracting check for roof damage after a bad storm, especially if you see damage to your gutters and other parts of your home or property.