2 Energy-Efficient Features To Consider When Choosing Your Home's New Heating System For Installation

30 June 2023
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If the current heating system in your house was unable to keep your home warm enough last winter, you may have decided that it is time to have a new one installed. Because you want to help alleviate some of the energy costs of heating your house, you may be looking for options and features for the new heater that can help you do so.

Along with selecting a home heater with a high-efficiency rating, you can also select certain features that can help reduce the energy load. Below are a couple of energy-efficient features that you should consider when choosing a new heating system for installation in your home. 

1. Have the Installer Connect the New Heating System to a Smart Programmable Thermostat

One feature that you should seriously consider adding when having a new heating system installed in your house is a smart programmable thermostat. While the professional is installing the new system, they can replace your old thermostat and hook up the new one.

When this type of thermostat is used, you can program the heater to change temperatures at specific times of the day as well as set a timer for it to kick off and on. You can also have the installer show you how to download and use a mobile app to control the temperature settings while you are at work or out shopping.

2. Choose a Heating System With Variable-speed Compressors That Adjust Themselves According to Demand

Another energy-efficient feature that you may want to be included in your home's new heating system is one that contains variable-speed compressors. Typically, furnaces contain a compressor that only runs at one speed, even if higher heat settings are not necessary.

However, variable-speed compressors will adjust themselves automatically depending on the heating demands in your house, allowing them to use less energy because they are not always running at top speed. An installation professional can help you choose a new system that has this option.

Along with choosing a system that has a high-efficiency rating, you can also help save money by having the installer connect your home's new furnace to a smart programmable thermostat that will adjust the temperature based on the time of day, timer setting, or your request through a mobile app. You should also consider choosing a system that contains variable-speed compressors that adjust their speeds based on the current heating demands of your house. For more information about system features that you can include helping you save money and energy, speak with a general contractor who offers heating installation services in your area.