Three Benefits Of Using Fake Metal Beams

2 August 2023
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Exposed metal beams can offer a stylish, industrial look to all sorts of spaces, including specialty shops, bars, salons, and more. If you're planning a remodeling of your space and are thinking about ordering metal beams, it's worthwhile to consider a suitable alternative. Many companies carry fake metal beams, which are designed to look like such metals as iron but are actually made of materials such as PVC. The finish on these products is remarkably realistic. Without actually touching them, it's essentially impossible to tell that they aren't truly made of metal. Here are some benefits of using fake metal beams.


One of the challenges of working with real metal beams is that they're extremely heavy to work with. This not only means that they're physically challenging for whoever is doing the work, but also that they present certain challenges when it comes to installing them. You can't simply affix a real metal beam to your ceiling or wall with conventional screws or bolts. The installation of a product of this weight requires the extensive use of heavy mounting hardware. Fake metal beams are lightweight, making them not only easy to lift into position but also allowing your remodeling contractor to install them quickly without the use of complicated mounting hardware.

More Affordable

You might be surprised at how expensive metal beams can be. Not only are they costly to buy, but if you can't get them locally and have to have the vendor ship them to you, you can expect to pay a lot for shipping. Fake metal beams are significantly more affordable, which can reduce the cost of your remodeling project by a lot of money. While they look expensive, these products are surprisingly friendly to your budget — which can help to keep your overall remodeling costs on the lower side.

No Maintenance

Beams that are made of real metal require maintenance over time. Commonly, you'll need to repaint the beams once they begin to fade or the paint starts to flake. If the beams are across the ceiling, this maintenance work can especially be challenging. Another benefit of using fake metal beams is that they generally don't require any maintenance. The colored PVC should not flake, which means that you won't have to worry about repainting the beams at some point in the future. If you're interested in using exposed metal beams in your remodeling project, consider these benefits of fake metal beams.